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Production Batch Sizes

Foodware 365

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Foodware 365 helps you to optimize your production batches with the Production Batch Sizes app.

Do you produce in standard batch sizes? Do you make use of kettles or limited bins? Foodware 365 helps you to optimize your production batches with the Production Batch Sizes app.

Optimize your recipe to maximize your kettle's capacity

The standard Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Production BOM is extended to handle batch sizes. Simply mark the component lines that add to the batch and Foodware 365 calculates the expected batch size for you. Adjust the quantities to maximize the use of your kettles capacity. The app is fully compliant with standard Business Central Processes , so functionalities like scrap or phantom BOMs are still available and working.

Produce more efficient in full batches

Foodware 365 takes the batch size information along to the production order. When creating a production order, Foodware 365 shows you the suggested number of full batches including the required output quantity. Simply changing the output quantity results in a production order based on full efficient batches.

Simplify registering consumption

Foodware 365 breaks down the consumption list to a batch size level. Not only does it show the complete consumption quantity for the whole production order in the consumption line, but also the exact quantity that should be added to the kettle by the operator for a batch. By giving these details and executing the calculation for your employees, we minimize chances for mistakes.

Features and benefits

  • Batch calculation in recipes to optimize production
  • Suggest output quantity to maximize kettle capacity usage
  • Consumption calculation per batch

Supported Editions:

This app supports the Premium edition of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Supported countries:

France, Netherlands


Foodware 365 | Production Batch Sizes item is charged at a price per user per month. Please contact us for more information on the pricing.