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Automatically calculate commissions and report on it.

Calculating commissions can be really difficult to do correctly. Even worse, the reconciliation to the sales can be even harder. Keeping track of cash from customers to release commissions to sales reps can be an impossible task.

Our App takes all the hard work out of doing commissions and allows you to focus on your business instead. Commissions are calculated automatically when sales are posted. Commissions can be paid out when cash has been received from customers without any effort.

Feature and benefit summary:

  • Save a lot of time doing commissions.
  • Solution is fully integrated with the general ledger, including accounts payable.
  • All commissions are expensed as accounts payable entries with an option to put the entry on hold until the original sales document has been paid.
  • Automatic cash application to commission ledger and taking vendor ledgers off hold.
  • Export commission report to Excel for easy reconciliation and reporting.
  • No more headaches with commissions.

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This App supports both the Essential and Premium edition of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

This App is available in the following country: United States.