ProBatch 365 Manufacturing


YAVEON ProBatch 365 Manufacturing supports planning and processing of lot managed manufacturing

Manufacturing Specifications combine the bill of material with the routing for an item and guarantee a safe and comfortable data handling. They describe the components, their quantities, the process steps, the processing order and the processing time for the manufacturing of a finished product in just one page. You can also define lot data like lot number, status, expiration date or lot features that will to be passed on from the component to the finished product during production.

In the Production Order, the Active Ingredient Management adjusts the quantities of the active substances and all fillers according to the actual potency values of a lot. The required quantity of a component can be less than normal, since the lot used has a particularly well-tested property. Or, conversely, it may be necessary to use more quantity of a component because the lot features are inferior.

The Sequence Planning can be used to better schedule the production program due to a bottleneck. An algorithm for optimization assists the planning process and can be freely defined by the user. 

The functionalities of Filling and Decanting support you when working with filling items, i.e. when filling or decanting a bulk product into different container sizes. You can easily create filling items for a specific bulk product. For that you can setup templates that define how to assign a meaningful number for filling items that shall be created as well as what data is inherited from bulk item to filling item. Additionally, the system automatically generates the necessary manufacturing specification and then supports you in producing (filling or decanting) the items.

Further functions are: 
  • Merge, Split and Move Production Orders
  • Define Output Tolerances for postings
  • A Control Center displays all relevant information about all process steps

Supported Editions
Premium editions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central
Supported Countries 
Germany, USA, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Australia, Sweden, Austria, Switzerland
Supported Languages
English (USA), German (Germany), French (France, Belgium), Dutch (Belgium)