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Compensation Mass Update

CEM Business Solutions Inc

Mass update the compensation of your workers from a wizard in Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations

Perfect for your company:

We understand that compensation management for a large company can be a daunting task. The traditional method of updating the pay rates of employees individually is time consuming. A mass update during promotions and annual pay rate increases can be done using a single screen. Updates can be made for a whole department, group or all. The updates are date effective and can be used for any future dates also. These compensation updates can be approved by the Department managers. The employee can also verify the update and sign off on it.


  • Update salaries for multiple employees
  • Enter the new pay rates with new effective dates by department
  • Enter the new pay rates with new effective dates by Pay groups
  • Enter the new pay rates with new effective dates by individual worker
  • Option to Import from Excel into the update wizard
  • Configurable multi-level approval workflows for the department manager or HR manager

CEM is a Gold Certified Partner of Microsoft. It is a global company renowned for its award-winning implementation & support services. CEM is also a member of the partner advisory board of Microsoft.