NEXUS 365™

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NEXUS 365™ automates configuration management to quickly ensure your ERP is correctly set up.

NEXUS 365™

Finally, A Complete Solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations Configuration Management Administration

The NEXUS 365™ configuration management solution is a radical breakthrough that changes the nature of the configuration management discipline. It brings new capabilities that simplify and streamline the course of configuration management, with a tool to improve configuration management decision making. Take control of configuration management outcomes, minimize the risk of configuration errors, and protect deployment timelines with the NEXUS 365™ configuration management platform. NEXUS 365™ delivers the ONLY platform suite of tools to automate manual, error-prone configuration management processes, so you can quickly and effectively pinpoint configuration differences.

Easing Configuration Management in Dynamics 365 F&O

NEXUS 365™ defines a method that codifies configuration management practices. Make inroads into configuration management with an application instrument enabling you to probe configurations across your D365 environments and legal entities. The NEXUS 365™ configuration comparison feature is a powerful vehicle to help you determine which configurations are in sync across all your legal entities - and which are different - such that you can act accordingly.

NEXUS 365™ is adapted to challenging configuration management complexities confronted in environments, where the configurations are spread across multiple legal entities and again across multiple tiers of environments. The key is its handling of the resolution process. Configurations are inherently difficult to monitor, and this tool provides controls to uncover configuration differences and resolve issues more effectively.

Curated, Constantly Updated Master List of Configuration Items

As Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations is updated with new features quarterly, the team at NEXUS 365™ works with Microsoft to review the changes, new features, and configuration items marked as obsolete. The NEXUS 365™ master list of configuration items is constantly updated and made available to you via the SaaS offering ensuring that you have access to the most up-to-date and accurate information.

Supports ISV Customization and Extensions

Independent Software Vendors customize and extend the functionality of D365 F&O and NEXUS 365 ™ provides the ability to manage those configurations. As your team experiments and validates different configurations, NEXUS 365™ keeps those configurations managed and tracked so that as you move through your implementation or sustain process, you have the confidence to know the system is configured as it is needed.

Real-time Insights

NEXUS 365™ accommodates the configuration variability that reaches high levels during implementations and enhancements. Instantly see your configurations across all legal entities as they currently stand, then translate those insights, enabling immediate action to align configurations where necessary.

Increased Productivity

Organizations need an accurate, responsive tool for managing configurations in detail. With NEXUS 365™, get speed and configuration intelligence, enabling impressive productivity for your high-demand configuration management, bringing the power and usability of descriptive information about configurations. Discovery and identification let you dynamically track every configuration across your solution for any Dynamics workflow. NEXUS 365™ will help you fast-track your configuration management journey with key configuration comparison capability components via a web interface. Easily uncover configuration difference details, make changes to bring them into balance, or export comprehensive reports. Eliminate the administrative burden of manual, configuration comparisons and spreadsheets throughout the configuration data lifecycle. From discovering differences between instances of D365 configurations to improving business outcomes via configuration workflow efficiency.