Supply Chain Cloud - Bill

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Centralize billing while eliminating labor-intensive & error-prone tracking and invoicing processes

Supply Chain Cloud - Bill provides a billing platform for all value-add services. One of the largest problems for a Logistics Service Provider (LSP), Shared Services Organizations (SSO), or Third-Party Logistics (3PL) is to accurately bill for contracted services. Warehouse events and other value-added services need to be tracked and billed. Additionally, most providers create unique contracts with their customers which generates separate administrative functions prone to human error.

Bill automatically queries Dynamics for billable events and imports these transactions into a central repository. The system will automatically evaluate and apply a cost to the transactions. An order is generated to either invoice customers or create a purchase order to replenish inventory.

Key Features & Benefits

Supply Chain Cloud - Bill is your automated billing solution to increase revenue and transparency and to minimize errors and redundancies. It helps to improve invoicing accuracy and efficiently manage complex custom contracts.

  • Streamline complex billing requirements for multiple clients and contracts including centralized billing, activity-based billing, or client/vendor specific pricing
  • Remove the manual process of repeatedly reproducing billing events and automatically apply pricing with the billing event capture-to-invoice process
    • Features include price book management and billing rules designed to fit your business needs, including recurring or one-time charges and graduated or incremental charges
  • Minimize billing cycle times and improve invoicing speed and accuracy with automated invoicing based on customer specific billing schedules
  • Eliminate disconnected billing systems and manual processes with the ability to use a single billing platform for all logistics service offerings, including storage calculations and labor transactions like production and kitting
  • Maximize revenue with the automatic capture of all activity-based billings like production and kitting of each client
  • Gain better financial visibility for billing events through the billing cycle and profitability during the month with the ability to tailor views reports, portals, and self-service
  • Improve profitability with data by customer function and project
  • Prevent stocks outs with vendor managed inventory
With Supply Chain Cloud Bill, you streamline your customer billing, improve invoice-to-cash cycle, and ensure you’re not leaving money on the table.