Banking Automation

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Streamline your Banking Processes without manual keying or errors!

In most organizations, especially in the current financial market, an efficient and optimized accounting department is a challenge. There is a strong need to be able to process workloads with higher productivity levels, on reduced resources.

An automated process, ensuring a smooth throughput from bank statements to settled invoices, allows companies to focus on the exceptions. Companies that are successful in this area reap the benefits of reduced costs and resource efficiency. This, in turn, makes a significant difference to the bottom-line. In a rapidly changing environment, agility is vital. To achieve agility, you need the support of a solution you can trust. We have over a decade of experience in delivering solutions which result in customer success. With a flexible solutions like Banking Automation, you are able to enhance your productivity, transform your distributional capabilities, optimize your processes and drive business growth.


  • Standard CAMT053 import class for European banks
  • Standard MT940 import classes for major Dutch banks
  • Use of bank accounts to identify customers and vendors
  • Additional identifiers can be configured by users
  • Settlement to open invoices, based on invoice numbers and amounts
  • Default ledger accounts for e.g. Payment Terminals, Bank Costs
  • E-mail payment specification for larger payments
  • Ending balance functionality to assure completeness


  • Streamlined banking processes
  • No manual keying of bank statements or errors
  • Automatic settlement of open invoices
  • Automatic assignment to ledger accounts
  • Significant cost reduction


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