avaldaja Classy, Inc.

Classy’s integration provides a near real-time sync of fundraising data

Classy, an affiliate of GoFundMe and Public Benefit Corporation, creates meaningful connections through giving by empowering nonprofits to take advantage of every opportunity to connect with donors and build lasting relationships. By connecting motivated donors to the causes they care about most through powerful and flexible technology, Classy transforms giving intent into measurable impact. Classy's scalable technology provides better insights, faster engagement, and a superior giving experience. Since 2011, Classy has helped nonprofits mobilize and empower the world for good by helping them raise over $5 billion.

Classy’s native integration to Fundraising and Engagement will help nonprofit organizations gather powerful insights about their supporters by syncing major fundraising data. By centralizing data, organizations facing challenges with scattered donor data and limited CRM functionality can leverage this integration to streamline insights, save time, and understand donor behavior to inform long-term strategies. At this time, Classy’s integration is in a public preview mode and will be launching a beta soon. To stay updated on the beta program, please contact us.