EvergreenWorx Approvals

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Approvals is an extension for automated approval flows to Microsoft outlook and Microsoft Teams

EvergreenWorx Approvals is an add-on for the EvergreenWorx app suite. This extension ties automated approval flows from EvergreenWorx Contracts or EvergreenWorx Expenses to Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Teams.
Business Benefits:
  • Improved awareness of approval requests from EvergreenWorx apps via automated Outlook and Teams notifications
  • Improved approval turnaround speed
  • Easier approval processes
  • Microsoft Teams can act as a central repository for all approval processes within EvergreenWorx apps.
Key Features
  • Automated Notifications through both Outlook and Teams
  • Streamlined Approval Process
What’s the benefit of leveraging the Approval add-on?
Out of the box approvals in the EvergreenWorx products requires users to login to the application in order to identify any records awaiting their approval. With this optional add-on, users will receive notifications in their Outlook inbox and through Microsoft Teams. This increases approval visibility and decreases the turnaround time for your flows.
About EvergreenWorx
The EvergreenWorx application suite is designed to support your small to mid-size business. EvergreenWorx streamlines and automates your back office, allowing you to stay connected and get things done. Built on the Power Platform, each EvergreenWorx application makes the most of your Microsoft investment with simple, elegant, intuitive, and affordable solutions to every business challenge.

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