Lead Assignment and Distribution Automation

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Auto-Assign and Distribute Leads/Cases systematically using Round Robin Algorithm

Lead Assignment and Distribution Automation systematically assigns or distributes Leads generated through various sources to respective Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM users. It helps managers to allocate and distribute incoming leads and customer queries in an organized way ensuring fair distribution of workload within each team. Automated distribution and assignment improves efficiency resulting in higher sales and profit.

Lead Assignment and Distribution Automation is available for Microsoft Dynamics 365 9.x & above, Dataverse (Power Apps). It supports the following deployment models - On-Premises & Online.

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  • Entity Support: Supports OOB as well as Custom Entities
  • Round Robin: Distribute Leads evenly among the team in a sequential pattern using Round Robin Algorithm
  • Capacity: Assign Leads depending upon the individual capacity of each user
  • Rules: Create multiple assignment rules for different selection criteria of the Leads
  • Existing Records: On demand assignment of existing Leads to users depending upon the assignment rules
  • Order: Set order for executing assignment rules to allot & distribute Leads as per your requirement
  • Period: Set period to assign work items based on period (Daily, Weekly, Monthly)
  • UserAvailability: Setavailability status of users to easily assign incoming Leads (or otherentities) to available users
  • Dashboards: Monitor and analyze the number of Leads assigned to each team member with the help of Dashboards

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