Ant Service Desk

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Ant Service Desk PowerApp that simplifies support and makes information work smoothly

Ant Service Desk is a champion PowerApp solution for customer and support service, that allows your team to stand out. This PowerApp is an easy alternative to large support and ITSM service applications such as Zendesk, ServiceNow, etc.

Ant Service Desk delivers attachment choice in inbound and outbound routines and saves you 30 min. per day per employee at once. Ant Service Desk can handle your conversation in one place and connects to your digital workflows that are needed for your organization.

With Ant Text you can provide efficient email support to your customers. Your clients can email you bug reports, feature requests, or similar questions. They all end up in your Ant Service Desk Dashboard as new items.

Your Ant Service Desk Dashboard gives you a quick overview of all the service and support tickets where the internal team at your organization can reply fast and professionally through premade Ant Text templates with your design.

Ant Service Desk is built right into your existing Microsoft 365 tenant itself and the complexity and inefficiencies of multiple tools and external integrations are eliminated. We build on a simple model and the out-of-the-box mind.

That’s why we provide you with an Ant Service Desk Free version that is ready to go for you that already know the PowerApp environment. We know that no company is equal and that’s why we as PowerApp experts will be able to adjust your Ant Service Desk to the unique version that you wish. Contact us at and tell us about your dream digital Ant Service Desk version.

The first add-ons are created that you can choose from:

  • Time registration
  • Ant Templates builder
  • Azure Active Directory integration

Personalize your digital transformation journey with Ant Service Desk and minimize errors in communication wherever your employees work.

Simplicity, Insight, and Collaboration