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Disability Enquiry Management

KPMG Australia

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KPMG Solution for Disability Enquiry Management

Disability Care and support services are undergoing an unprecedented rate and scale of change. This is forcing providers to re-imagine how they attract consumers and deliver cost-effective services. Thriving in this evolving sector will require fresh thinking, new technology, and alternative ways of working to meet customer needs.

In response to these needs KPMG assembled a team representative of sector and technology experts, working together to deliver well thought out and highly intuitive solutions to Providers.

Why choose Disability Enquiry Management by KPMG?

KPMG have identified a need for a technology platform that can meet the new demands of an evolving sector and support Providers as they embark on their organisational and digital transformations. As a result, we have built an end to end Disability Services Solution from which we’re providing access to the initial Enquiry Management module here on Microsoft’s AppSource.

By beginning with Enquiry Management we’re able to offer a discrete function that is growing in importance to providers. While historically key business systems started from an Agreement / Care Plan which then enabled service delivery, now customer eccentricity is growing in importance and our aim is to support a more seamless, visible and consistent engagement right from first contact.