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Fleet Hero

sonixc GmbH

Manage your vehicles with Fleet Hero - our easy to use, lightweight Fleet Management solution.

sonixc Fleet Management for Dynamics 365 for Customer Service (CRM) - Fleet Hero Manage your vehicles with Fleet Hero our easy to use, lightweight Fleet Management solution. sonixc is the leading provider of administrative management solutions, such as Facility, Safety, Equipment, Fleet Management in the Microsoft cloud. Built on the xRM platform, the Fleet Management solution Fleet Hero is used by hundreds of users to manage 10+ vehicles in 4+ languages across 3+ countries. Leading companies use the Fleet Management solution Fleet Hero to manage any Vehicle type. sonixc is dedicated to helping companies, in any industry, solve their hardest administrative management problems on the easiest to use platform. With Fleet Hero Your Organization Can: Conveniently manage your vehicles with the Fleet Management Solution "Fleet Hero", because you can get all the information at a glance, at the click of a button, around the vehicles. With Fleet Hero Your Organization gets: Full fleet control: Fleet Hero created by sonixc is a modern, easy to use, lightweight comprehensive fleet management software destined for nationwide and international deployment. It improves efficiency, reduces costs and simultaneously optimizes service. The comprehensive, cross-location features include: Management of vehicle and driver data Service & maintenance planning Accessory & equipment management Logging of damage claims Contract Management Cost management Thanks to its integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service (CRM), Fleet Hero offers comprehensive, fully integrated enterprise grade functionality. This gives you full control of all business processes. Fleet Hero is backed optionally by our solutions Facility, Safety & Equipment Hero provided through Dynamics 365 for Customer Service. Through the mobile client, Fleet Hero can be used on any device. Fleet Managers can access their processes and data on a smart phone or tablet anywhere and anytime. Monitor vehicles, damages, contracts & costs with intelligent capabilities. Maximize the value of your commercial relationships with built-in analytics enabling intelligent subscription decisions. Rely on a single source of truth for all enterprise vehicles, anytime, anywhere in the world Adapt to changing business requirements with a platform engineered for agility and flexibility. Experience Fleet Hero Today See how easy it is to manage your vehicles Monitor key metrics, KPI's, and statistics around your fleet Easy to adopt, easy to use, easy to adapt - Try the free trial