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Record Translator


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Easily and quickly translate text fields to all languages enabled in your system

Ever since the existence of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, translations have been an issue. Sure, you can enable new languages and the standard interface will be translated. And we all know how to to translate custom fields/labels/buttons/optionset values. But there never really was a solution for translating the content of a record. This was particularly annoying when it came to addresses, product descriptions, product units, and so on… Thanks to the Thrives Record Translator you are now able to easily and quickly translate text fields to all languages enabled in your system. Your users now get to see the content of your CRM in the language they use. This solution adds a ribbon button to all standard and custom entities (*). Clicking this button on a specific record opens a popup where all enabled languages and text fields for this record are retrieved, making it easy for you to do the translations. Just change the user interface language and see the magic happen. Happy translating! (*) For technical documentation and limitations refer to the user guide