XLMiner Data Visualization

Frontline Systems Inc.

Explore and visualize your data with 8 chart types like Scatterplot Matrix and Parallel Coordinates.

Use the XLMiner Data Visualization Add-in from Frontline Systems to quickly explore and visualize data in your spreadsheet -- using Excel Online in Office 365, the Excel Web App in SharePoint 2013, or desktop Excel 2013 or later. The Add-in offers many of the data visualization features of Frontline Systems’ Analytic Solver software for Excel, which offers a rich set of data analysis, data mining and forecasting algorithms, working with Power Pivot and Power Query.

You can create 8 different charts of the types most often used by data scientists and pro analysts, including multi-variable charts such as a Scatterplot Matrix or Parallel Coordinates chart. You can quickly change the variables plotted on each axis, "size by" and "color by" categorical variables for quick insights, zoom in and out, and apply filters to highlight data of interest. Chart types include:

- Line charts

- Bar charts (8 different statistics)

- Histograms (frequency distributions)

- Scatter Plots (with changeable axes)

- Box Plots

- Variables (multiple histograms)

- Scatterplot Matrix (multiple scatterplots)

- Parallel Coordinates

You can visualize data in any two-dimensional cell range -- your data can be, but doesn’t have to be an Excel table. Get started on the path to effective data analysis, real predictive analytics, and advanced prescriptive analytics, from the developers of the Solver Add-in for Excel. Learn more at

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