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Compare Word and PDF documents quickly, accurately, reliably on any Office 365 computer or device

The addin is free to download and includes a free trial. For subscription plan information please contact

compareDocs cloud compares two versions of a Microsoft Word document or PDF documents for changes, outputting the changes to a static redline, or interactive track changes Comparison Report document. Users can instantly see what has changed between the two documents.

Work anywhere - Review and approve all changes in important business documents and legal contracts no matter where you are.

Compare on anything - Compare documents quickly and accurately no matter what the device or platform – Office 365, PC, Online, iPad, Mac (and soon Android).

Eliminate risk - Eliminate the risk of not seeing important changes to business documents or legal contracts that could negatively impact you or your client.

Increase productivity - compareDocs is extremely fast, comparing long, complex documents in seconds.

Accurate - compareDocs is extremely simple to use, but incredibly accurate and reliable in presenting the changes between two documents in a clear and concise manner.

Proven technology - The compareDocs cloud comparison engine has been a market-leading technology for the past ten years.

compareDocs cloud addin for Word relies on compareDocs cloud, which is a subscription service. The addin is designed to work with compareDocs Retail or Enterprise subscriptions plans.

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