BetterMeetings A/S.

Bring best practice into your meetings with your own virtual personal assistant – Sofie.

Make sure that you team get things done. Bring best practice into your meetings with your own virtual personal assistant – Sofie.

Sofie is your virtual personal assistant for Better Meetings.

Just Cc Sofie when you invite people to a new Appointment you have created in MS Outlook Calendar. Then she will be alert and capture all the attachments and ideas regarding the meeting that you and your meeting-attendees email back and forth to each other. When it is time to share the final agenda, she helps you to merge all the material, qualify the agenda to the best possible practice and share it as one indexed PDF.

No training needed. No new habits needed. All you need to do is to Cc Sofie in your correspondence.

Sofie taps into the way you do things already. Keep the files where you are used to, use Outlook like you are just to. She creates one indexed PDF with the agenda and attachments and one PDF with minutes attached directly to the appointment in outlook Calendar. Easy to find at any time and from anywhere.

You can also drag the PDF into a mail, if that is the practice you prefer. And the PDFs can be stored in outlook with or without password.

This is how Sofie assists you

Within the Appointment in Outlook Calendar, you can spill you mind with the things, you need to remember to this meeting. And you can add files that you might need. You can also Cc or forward mails to Sofie and she will keep track of It all.

All documents captured by Sofie are encrypted behind SSL certificate. Attachments are stored on BetterMeeting's own dedicated server, which is in a German server environment, with certified security. Sofie is not a filing system, and everything will be deleted after completing the final agenda. She complies with GDPR.

Our product is free to use, but if you upload more than 10 attachments, you will be required to purshase a PRO license. A PRO license costs €7 a month, and includes unlimited uploads.

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