Employee Referrals for Teams

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Refer your friends to open jobs in your company and track your rewards using Microsoft Teams.

Help your company find great talents and get rewarded for your successful referrals. Browse jobs, refer candidates, track the status of your referrals and rewards - you can do it all in Microsoft Teams.

Add the Recruitday Employee Referrals app and start referring now.

  • Available where you collaborate

    Everything you need to refer is available and accessible through Microsoft Teams. Get notified every time a new job position opens up so you can refer right away.

  • Quick and easy experience

    Quickly and easily submit your referrals through the app or share your unique referral link to friends and your professional networks with just two clicks.

  • Stay up to date

    Receive notifications when there is a change on the status of your referrals or track your rewards so you never miss a beat.

Note: Your organization needs to have an active Recruitday Employee Referrals subscription in order to use this app. Please visit this page for more information.

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