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Be more productive by Streamlining your meeting experiences.

Do you feel exhausted after a long day filled with inefficient meetings? Let Streamline help you and your organization be more productive by enhancing your meeting experiences.

Why Streamline?

Streamline will make your meetings more efficient and help you be more productive during a meeting-lifecycle, by giving automated guidance before, during and after a meeting.

Streamline is a Microsoft Teams application which guides users in meetings by bringing hyper-automated features like real-time guidance during meetings, personal meeting coaching based on user habits, and meeting performance reports.

Key features and benefits of Streamline:

Structure your meeting by defining a purpose, adding timed agenda items, assigning roles and adding relevant attachments. This will help make your meeting more efficient!

  • Defining a purpose: A meeting is not necessary if there is no defined purpose. Define a purpose to a meeting to make sure the meeting is needed and to prevent having a meeting which could have been sent as a message.
  • Adding timed agenda items: Divide your meeting in different agenda items and add reserved time to them. Streamline will be your live timekeeper during the meeting!
  • Assign roles: Add responsibilities to participants by giving them the Chair or Notetaker role. Are you responsible for only one agenda item? No problem! Streamline lets you add owners to agenda items.
  • Adding relevant attachments: Make sure participants are prepared for your meeting by adding relevant attachments to specific agenda items. This will make your meeting even more productive.

Streamline coaches you on your personal meeting habits to prevent common mistakes and to keep your meetings clean. Your meeting performance will be shown through clear statistics in your personal meeting performance dashboard.

  • Handy tips & tricks: Streamline coaches you to apply the best practices of meeting habits.
  • Quick actions: Based on your meeting structure, Streamline shows you relevant quick actions to structure your meeting lifecycle without having to put a lot of time and effort in.
  • Meeting performance dashboard: Streamline coaches you to be better at organizing efficient meetings. Your personal evolution will be shown in your personal meeting performance dashboard.
  • Follow-up on meetings: Easily generate a meeting notes template in Microsoft OneNote or assign tasks into Microsoft Planner straight from a Microsoft Teams meeting.

Start your 30 days free trial by clicking on ‘Buy a subscription' and get the first 30 days free!. Cut the unproductivity from your organization through superfluous meetings by adding Streamline.

IMPORTANT: Streamline needs an active subscription to unlock all functionalities of Streamline. If there is no active Streamline subscription, you can only make limited use of the Streamline meeting extension.

Streamline the new, low effort & intuitive meeting app.

Compared to other meeting apps, Streamline lets you structure, conduct & follow-up on meetings within a few clicks. This will save you more time than any other app out there in the market.

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