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Bring employee recognition, rewards, surveys, and birthdays/anniversaries to where you work! 💜

Increase employee engagement with peer-to-peer kudos recognition based on company values, save time by automating global gift card delivery and birthdays/anniversaries, and 10x your response rate with pulse and custom surveys.

What you can do with Matter:

  • 🎉 Start Feedback Friday! — Automatic, customizable notifications centered around a day where your company is encouraged to give peer-to-peer recognition with kudos and feedback.
  • 🙌 Celebrate together with Kudos! — Choose from 9 templates or create your own custom kudos to share company values, company jokes, and more.
  • 🎁 Increase recognition with Rewards! — Add Matter coins to kudos, surveys, and feedback to show extra appreciation. Redeem coins for gift cards, custom company rewards, donations, and more.
  • đŸ„łÂ Never miss a Celebration! — Automatically send birthday and work anniversary messages with/without rewards for everyone to see and celebrate.
  • 📋 10x your response rate with Custom Surveys! — Automate and send surveys, get real-time feedback, view powerful analytics, and offer rewards.
  • 📈 Gather feedback with Pulse + eNPS Surveys! — Transform your organization into a champion of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. Gather real-time, continuous feedback and insights.
  • 🎹 Put Company Values front and center! — Make people feel more connected to the company and each other with company value kudos templates.
  • 📊 Answer culture questions with Analytics — Leverage kudos, rewards, and feedback activity to identify engagement insights and trends.

Use Matter with Copilot for Microsoft 365:

Matter has integrations with Microsoft Teams, Outlook, and now Microsoft 365 Copilot, which helps teams leverage simple, natural language prompts to get where they want to go, faster. Try these prompts:

  • "Matter, generate a leaderboard of top kudos givers and receivers."
  • "Matter, what celebrations are coming next month?"
  • "Matter, what is my company's current eNPS."

What companies are saying about Matter:

  • “Our company’s culture & morale changed overnight! In under 2 months, we’ve had over 2,000 kudos sent and 80%+ engagement across all employees. Matter has motivated people to participate like no other software we have ever used." — Jeff Hagel, President | Customer Story

  • “I love how easy it is for employees to recognize each other with kudos. Matter has boosted morale, increased employee engagement, and it's now a strong presence in our company culture.” — Michael Margolese, Senior Human Resources Manager | Customer Story

  • “Matter helps our employees feel more valued, rewarded, and recognized. It’s a very fun and easy-to-use platform that has created a positive experience and engagement for our people while also helping to reinforce our core values daily.” — Taylor Rapp, Director of People & Culture | Customer Story

Get Started:

Have Questions or Feedback?

Email us at or message us at @MatterApp.

Matter supports Microsoft Teams and Outlook.

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