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Clarity is a free behavioral analytics, easy-to-use tool that captures how real people use your site

Clarity is a free web analytics tool that helps you see what’s working on your site and where people get stuck. With features such as session recordings and heatmaps, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of how your users interact with your site, and get clear insights on how to improve your design to grow revenue and increase user retention.

Session recordings allow you to examine user behavior as it happened. You’ll see where things are working smoothly and where your users drop off.
Heatmaps show you where your users clicked and scrolled, and how they moved around your site. You’ll discover which parts of the page drive the most engagement and which parts get less traffic.
Insights help you make data-driven decisions to streamline your design. Zero in on relevant user sessions and root out problems like clicks that go nowhere, rage clicks, and excessive scrolling.
The metrics dashboard offers a visual overview of your site’s performance, popular pages, and insights about your users, such as where they’re from and which devices and browsers they use.
Privacy matters By default, Clarity masks sensitive content such as personal user information before it’s uploaded. This means no sensitive text is ever sent to our servers.
Built to grow with your business Clarity can scale to support even the largest websites, processing more than a petabyte of data from over 100 million users per month. And it won’t get in the way of your site’s performance.
Stop guessing and get Clarity Setup is easy. You can start monitoring activity in minutes.

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On Sharepoint
  1. Upon installation you'll have tocheck the box that says "Make this solution available to all sites in the organization" in order to add Clarity properly.
  2. In the app catalog page, navigate to Site contents tab.
  3. Navigate then to Tenant wide extensions.
  4. In the Tenant wide extensions, select the record with the title ‘MicrosoftClarity’ and click edit. Paste your Clarity Project ID in the ‘Component Properties’. Here is an example: {“clarityId”:”clarity project id”}.If you don't have a Clarity project yet or don't know how to get the project id, see the section below.
On Clarity
  1. If you don't already have a project on Clarity, create a project here.
  2. In your Clarity project settings, navigate to the Overview tab to copy your Clarity Project ID

Installation is complete and data shall start to appear in your Clarity project in a few hours.

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