LegalOn Contract AI

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Contract review in seconds with AI, playbooks, and expert guidance all inside Microsoft Word.

Built for legal teams, LegalOn saves time, ensures compliance, and handles tedious contract tasks, so you can turn around deals faster and have time for the legal work that matters most.

AI for Contract Review

AI contract review that’s remarkably thorough, instantly. Start review with one of LegalOn’s playbooks built by lawyers – helping you quickly spot risks, propose practical solutions, and explain legal points.

Tailored to You

Ensure consistent compliance to your own standards with technology that adjusts to your own risks and playbook positions.

For Any Contract Task

Answer contract-specific questions, draft terms, and summarize with LegalOn Assistant, built with the power of GPT-4 and the security of SOC2 compliance.

Use LegalOn Contract AI with your LegalOn subscription. Don’t have one? Learn more and book a demo to get started at

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