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Increase office use by allowing your team to see who is in the office and book in alongside them.

Officely allows your team to see who will be in the office, book in alongside them, reserve a car parking space and book a meeting room - directly in Microsoft Teams, Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Outlook. No new apps or logins needed - ensuring employee adoption.

About Officely’s Features:

🗓️ Super Easy Desk Booking

Book a desk, a meeting room, a car parking space, your lunch or even your dog into the office - right in Microsoft Teams.

🙋‍♀️ Increase Office Attendance

Nobody wants to show up to an empty Office. Officely shows your employees who will be in each day, increasing intentional office use.

🧠 Smart Office Day Suggestions

Do your employees come into the office only to sit on Teams calls with those working from home? Officely tells your employees the best days to come in. They’ll never experience commute regret again.

✅ All in Teams

Unlike other desk booking tools, Officely lives right in Microsoft Teams. No extra apps, higher adoption rates.

📊 Cut Office Expenses

Don’t overspend on your office space, Officely gives you accurate and easily digestible office attendance data so you can cut costs in the right areas.

What our customers say about us:

“For us, the most valuable feature of Officely is that it shows people what they’re missing out on. It shows the exciting events happening each week, it shows who’s going to be there, and it makes you stop and think ‘Wait, I don’t want to miss out on that’.”

- Esme, Office Operations Lead at CloudTalk

Ready for hassle-free office space management or need more information? Check out our website or send us a message at

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