QR Mark

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Using QR Mark prevent document counterfeiting by adding a layer of QR Code verification.

Mitigate risk and secure documents easily with QR Mark

QR Mark is a product that uses QR Code technology to secure files from

document fraud. Using it, document owners can add a QR Code to their

documents (such as academic certificates, medical reports, etc.). When

someone scans this QR Code, they can verify the authenticity of the

given document.

You can use QR Mark add-in with Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint.

Please see Details + support for more information.

Secure your documents in simple steps

  • Go to Home > Add-ins > More Add-ins. Search for QR Mark Add-in and add

    it. If you are unable to add QR Mark, contact administrator.

  • In the QR Mark add-in, you need to enter 3 details Custom Domain,

    Document Name, and Document Link. You can follow the steps below:

    1. Select a custom domain from the dropdown list to enhance the

      credibility of the verification landing page. If you haven’t

      created one, learn how to set up a custom domain.

    2. Document Name is auto-fetched yet editable, facilitates easy

      identification and storage within QR Mark.

    3. Input the Document Link, a shareable URL of the document, as per

      your Office 365 version:

      1. For web version of Office 365

      2. Generate the document link by clicking Share and selecting

        Copy Link. Paste this link into the Document Link field.

        Manage document permissions conveniently via Manage Access or


      3. For application version of Office 365

      4. For application version, save the document on OneDrive via

        Share. Copy the link and paste it into QR Mark's Document Link


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