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Policy Management Software and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) Management Software

Thank you for considering ConvergePoint for your policies and procedures management needs. ***Please note that we do not offer a trial license. The software is only free to current customers. You will need to purchase a license to use the software. Please contact the ConvergePoint team at to purchase a license.***

The ConvergePoint Policy Management Add-in offers an easy and affordable way for organizations of 100 employees and above to manage the entire lifecycle of policies, procedures and SOP's using industry best practices on Office 365.

Obtaining an AddIn License Key:

The AddIn requires the purchase of a ConvergePoint Policy Management software license. You will need to purchase the license and obtain a license key to get started with the AddIn. If you do not have a license key, please contact one of our compliance experts by visiting our website or sending an email to We will be happy to assist you through the process.

Benefits: Manage the Entire Policy Management Lifecycle

ConvergePoint’s Policy Management Software SharePoint Add-In for SharePoint Office 365 streamlines the full policies and procedures lifecycle. Our software is scalable to your needs; user-friendly for your compliance and risk management officers, in-house teams and other key users; and ready to grow with your organization. More details available at

Features: ConvergePoint Policy Management SharePoint Add-In

Features of the Add In includes industry best practices and processes, real-time dashboards, automated email alerts, extensive search and reporting capabilities.

1. Policy and Procedure Creation

Create, review and approve policies and procedures in a single system that uses rules based

workflows to connect the right employees at the right time, all within your Office 365 SharePoint Online platform.

More details are available at

2. Policy and Procedure Distribution

Auto-publish and distribute policies and procedures in a centralized location, where employees can quickly view and search for policies and procedures using custom metadata.

More details are available at

3. Policy and Procedure Training and Attestation

Send notifications and optional quizzes to employees when a new policy is published. Track and ensure that employees have read and acknowledged policies from a real-time dashboard.

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Have more questions regarding the Add-In or how a streamlined policy management process can help your organization? Please feel free to request a demo of the add-in at or contact one of our compliance experts by email at We will be happy to assist you through the process.