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WorkFlow: Doc Gen, Web Forms, Online Surveys, eSignatures, PDF Editor

Create simple to complex document workflows integrated with SharePoint

Create custom document workflows that include document generation, PDF editing, eSignatures, online redlining, and more. Automate, integrate, and launch workflows from within your SharePoint account for a seamless experience.

Create documents

Generate documents on the fly by pre-filling data from a SharePoint list or a file. No need to jump between tabs and systems ‒ kick off the process directly from your SharePoint account.

Streamline document approvals

Automate routine processes of routing, approving, and getting documents eSigned. Improve efficiency and employee satisfaction with lightning-fast speed and error-free workflows.

Connect your systems

Populate documents with data from SharePoint records and other data repositories. Use info from completed documents to automatically update information within SharePoint and other systems where you keep relevant data.

Key Features:

  • Easily generate and send packages of documents in different formats ‒ PDF, DOCX, web forms, and Spreadsheets, ‒ pre-filled with SharePoint data.

  • Establish conditional routing for documents between contacts, including internal and external recipients.

  • Save signed documents to SharePoint attachments or external services.

  • Generate batches of documents and send them out with a single click.

  • Create new or update existing records based on data entered into a document's fillable fields.

  • Sync SharePoint data with NetSuite, Salesforce, and other systems of record.

    The package includes:

    1. List View Command set: adminToolsCommand, slatesDashboardCommand, createSlateCommand, createBatchCommand, createSlateWithDocuments

    2. Сustom lists: airSlateBatches, airSlateCustomButtons, airSlateWorkspaces

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