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​Represent data in separate quadrants to show distribution and items that share common traits.

Represent large quantities of information in a compact space. Quadrant Chart by MAQ Software is a bubble chart with a background divided into four equal sections. This visual is useful for plotting data that contains three measures using an X-axis, a Y-axis, and varying bubble sizes that represent the value of the third measure.

Quadrant Chart by MAQ Software is useful for showing relationships. Divide the four sections of the chart to rate performance as bad, good, better, or best.

Business Uses:

  • Sales – Showcase the relationship between production costs and gross profit, using the bubble size to represent units sold
  • Marketing – Highlight the effect of advertising expenditure on product sales, using the bubble to represent conversions
  • Finance – Represent the regions where your product sells best, breaking down success by sales and quantity of store fronts

Key Features:

  • Customizable bubble colors
  • Formatting options for quadrants and quadrant lines including naming for each quadrant, X-axis division line, Y-axis division line, and a choice of dotted or solid lines
  • Custom title, labels, display units, and decimal points for each axis
  • Supports context menu

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