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​Categorize hierarchical data with color-coded, proportional rectangles

Treemap Bar Chart by MAQ Software categorizes hierarchical data with sets of colored rectangles of proportionate sizes. The visual offers multiple views to ensure you gain the insights you need. Visualize performance with the gradient effect and size of bricks while making an efficient use of space by showing the distribution of values across categories.

Business Uses:

  • Sales: Analyze profit breakdown needs by country, region, and city

  • Marketing: Highlight the performance of campaigns across location

  • Social Media Marketing: Break down ROI on social media campaigns by platform

​Key Features:

  • Customizable brick colors

  • Customizable orientation between bar chart and column chart

  • Total values and data labels for all categories

  • Custom text and background colors

  • Tooltips with additional insights

  • Data legend

  • Animation to examine the visual at the granular level

  • Cross-filtering support for legend values, axis values, and bricks

  • Bookmark support

  • Report tooltips configuration support

  • Drill through support

What's new in 4.0.0:

  • Context menu support

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