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graphomate charts is a highly customizable visualization component

The graphomate charts, graphomate´s first product, remain our top seller. Through constant evolution and optimization we are able to offer our customers the most sophisticated chart component on the market. Based on six chart types you can easily implement the recommendations of the International Business Communication Standards (IBCS). At the same time graphomate charts can be customized to fit your needs.

In addition to bar and column charts, you can use needle and stacked bar charts, but also waterfall charts – for example for P&L or contribution margin calculations – to realise a standardized notation.

The advantages of graphomate charts at a glance

  • fully integrated into Power BI: drill downs, highlights, selections and tooltips are supported
  • six chart types that can be aligned horizontally or vertically
  • different chart types in one chart (“combination charts“)
  • easy integration of absolute and percentage deviation diagrams
  • Comparison Group for uniform scaling of charts within a reporting application
  • freely definable scenarios – color, fill pattern, shape – per data series or data point
  • highlighting of differences between data points via single and multi highlighting
  • display of additional data-driven reference lines
  • automatic avoidance of label collisions
  • template management via the graphomate server
  • definition of outliers
  • comprehensive formatting options for category, data series and data labels
  • hierarchical representations of category labels
  • display of a value axis
  • title field, scaling helper and separator frames
  • advanced own property sheet

The graphomate charts for Power BI is free to use and contains all available features. In Power BI Desktop it can be used without restrictions. In the Power BI Online service it additionally shows a watermark. To use the charts online without a watermark, feel free to ask us for time-limited demo versions or purchase subscription licenses. For more information, please visit our website.

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