Multi-pane Card

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Microsoft PBI Certified
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A collapsible multi-pane card visual

Multi-pane Card can be used to group and show data in multiple collapsible panes in Power BI reports. It is an alternative to multi-row card visual, but it can combine columns in a few groups and put each group's data in each pane. It is suitable to show data in detail with a reduced number of report pages. Basic functions are free to use. When the function needs additional purchase, an upgrade icon will be shown on the top right corner.

Main features Include:
  • The layout between column name and values can be displayed in vertical or horizontal form.
  • Data can be sorted by a specified column.
  • Numbers can be converted to a human readable string.
  • Pane titles can be customized in font, size, color and text.
  • Callout values can be customized in font, size and color.
  • Category labels can be customized in font, size and color.
  • The visual can be published to Power BI online or report server on premise as needed.

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