Executive Reports for Microsoft Planner

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Enjoy data-driven decision making with 10+ Power BI reports for Office 365 Planner.

Executive Reports for Microsoft Planner is a comprehensive Power BI reporting pack with 10+ pre-configured insightful reports. It uncovers the “big picture” of Planner project and resources data, allows to look at progress and workload from different angles and make data-driven project decisions. The solution has been designed for the needs of Project Managers, Corporate Executives, Decision Makers, and Program Managers and helps skyrocket their productivity.

The outstanding value of this solution can be put into the following bullet-points:

  • Reporting Capabilities. Executive Reports for Microsoft Planner is the only ready-made solution that provides reporting and analytics features for Office 365 Planner users.
  • Transparency & “Big Picture”. The solution uses Power BI visualization to enrich work management in Microsoft Planner with high-level transparency and the ability to see the bigger picture of tasks, plans, and resources.
  • Better Collaboration. Data-driven management allows creating a better collaboration framework between managers and employees, where both are always on the same page.


All the Power BI reports are fully customizable: if you have your unique business requirements, need to create a new dashboard, these can be done quickly and with minor effort, and FluentPro team has specialists you can hire to assist.

Best Practices

These reports have been designed by leading Microsoft PPM experts and approved by use by many of our clients. These reports deliver a view of the data, analytics, and insights that are crucial for project decision-makers who work with Office 365 Planner daily.

Please note:Microsoft Planner doesn't have a possibility for a direct connection to Power BI. In order to use this reports pack, you will need a license of FluentPro Datamart which serves as a middleware and data storage that connects your Planner data to Power BI. Visit our Help Center for more details