LinkedIn Insights Power BI Dashboard

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Provides insights into organization's LinkedIn account followers, social actions and engagements

This Power BI dashboard is free for organizations to use and provides insights into LinkedIn followers, social actions and engagements. Individual LinkedIn account are not supported. Users must have a Power BI Pro license (or trial) for access. To sign up and receive your LinkedIn API key please visit Generating a LinkedIn API key and entering it into Power BI allows Newcomp to create a temporary, encrypted cache of your LinkedIn metrics for the purpose of displaying the personalized Power BI dashboard. API keys are valid for 60 days and upon expiry, all associated temporary data is deleted and the API key becomes invalid - data is not used for any other purpose and no LinkedIn content or settings will be created or altered. Acquiring an API key and using the LinkedIn dashboard confirms your understanding and agreement of Newcomp’s temporary usage of your LinkedIn data for this purpose. Newcomp may update or withdraw the LinkedIn dashboard public access at any time without notice.