Practice Engine Power BI Template App

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Power BI reports starter kit for Practice Engine Data Warehouse customers

Now that your organization has decided to purchase the Practice Engine Data Warehouse (PEDW), the next step is to maximize its potential and become a data-driven organization. By utilizing the Practice Engine Power BI Template App, created by SkyPoint Cloud, you can seamlessly integrate with PEDW and provides a variety of tools for analysts to explore data, generate hypotheses, and find answers to important business questions. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we’ve partnered with Practice Engine to create a set of out-of-the-box template reports that allow you to connect and instantiate within your Power BI accounts. This starter kit is available for free in the Power BI Apps marketplace for existing PEDW customers and includes 9 reports most frequently used by accounting firms: - YOY Comparison - Invoicing - Invoicing by Service Type - Rolling 12 Month Invoices - Hours, Budget to Actuals - WIP/AR Aging - Customer Acquisition - Staff Reporting Need More Customized Reports? The SkyPoint Cloud professional services team can help you build custom Power BI reports and visualizations for Practice Engine. Given our expertise in Power BI and the unique nature of the integration, we can maximize the value of Power BI’s integration with PEDW. We know all the nuances and have worked with the PE folks so the two platforms can work together as seamlessly as possible. Whether you need customized report solutions or want to leverage other data sources to create a “single source of truth” with organizational data, SkyPoint is the perfect partner. If you have tried our free starter kit and want to build customized reports, get in touch to see how we can help. Get in touch with us here: