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Revolutionize Pharmaceutical Document Creation with DIP's GPT-4 Powered Automation Suite

Introducing the latest pharmaceutical development document automation tool by Deep Intelligent Pharma. This innovative solution not only offers pre-set document types but also allows you to customize templates or create new document types according to your needs. By utilizing comprehensive technologies such as GPT-4 Prompt, Example, Langchain, and Embedding, Task Planning, etc, you can generate the required document within one click. You can also import and manage your own Reference library, maximizing the use of past knowledge.

Our cutting-edge EDIT interface enables efficient human-machine interaction. You can choose the sections to revise, upload reference documents, write Prompt Chains, or instruct the machine to search for knowledge from 2021 onwards to update the machine-generated version. For successful Prompt Chains, you can save them to your personal, departmental, or organizational prompt memory for reuse and even control access permissions.

Pre-set document types include Protocol, CSR, safety narrative, Overview, Manuscript, and more. Embrace a whole new working paradigm with an unparalleled and constantly evolving writing assistant at your side.

Deep Intelligent Pharma (DIP) is a global innovative company established in 2017, currently operating simultaneously in various regions such as Singapore, Japan, and China. The company is composed of a group of engineers and pharmaceutical development experts who are passionate about documentation, dedicated to using the power of technology to reduce costs and increase efficiency for pharmaceutical enterprises. Currently, the company is serving more than 500 pharmaceutical companies, biotech, and CRO companies worldwide.