ABB Ability™ for Smart Buildings

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Smarter buildings, smarter homes, smarter mobility - creating the future with ABB Ability™

ABB is the world-leading provider of smart home, smart building and intelligent community solutions with a pragmatic and innovative spirit as well as total contribution to social and environmental responsibility and sustainability. Our solutions bringing the future to you, today.

Through intelligent and automatic lighting, air-conditioning, heating and movement detection, we make greater energy efficiency and increased security easier than ever. With digital solutions everything can even be controlled remotely, giving you complete control wherever you are, whenever you need it most.

Smarter solutions for different building types

Every building has unique requirements, therefore, our innovative portfolio provides the flexibility in designing and implementing building solutions that adapt easily to individual needs. Moreover, your investment is secured for future modifications and extensions, especially when the building is to be used for a different purpose.
  • Home - Smarter Home solutions can impact your day-to-day in a positive way, and make your life safer and easier. Therefore we offer solutions such as ABB free@home that match perfectly to your home and your requirements.
  • Hotel - ABB, one of the leading suppliers of automation and electrical solutions for residential and commercial buildings, has created the virtual hotel of the future - the Better Space Hotel. In this hotel ABB showcases beautifully crafted solutions that work in harmony with leading architecture and interior design. This hotel demonstrates how comfort and energy efficiency work hand in hand, underlining ABB's commitment to power and productivity for a better world.
  • Office - Step into the smart working environment. ABB products and solutions give you more freedom. Discover the wealth of new possibilities here in this virtual office building. The interactive design allows you to see at first hand how human needs, energy efficiency and management targets can all be accommodated and how intelligent climate, light and security management can influence productivity.
  • Industrial buildings - we understand the challenges you face in the food and beverage processing industry today. We’re focused on providing electrical solutions that address the critical issues in every area of your operation, so you can focus on plant sustainability, cost, quality, flexibility, safety and regulatory challenges across the production cycle.
  • Healthcare - Hospitals and medical centers are complex buildings. Operational continuity and energy management are of central importance for the reliable and efficient hospital operation. Power outages are not only a nuisance, they can also be life-threatening. This is why, for many years already, hospitals from all over the world have been relying on ABB technology.