DeviceOn/iEdge (Enabling Equipment-to-Intelligence and Optimized Management)

Equipment Connectivity

  • Support multiple sensors (temperature / humidity / PM2.5 / voltage / current)
  • Field equipment standard protocol support, including Modbus, OPC UA, and other PLC base protocols (by project)
  • Integrated WebAccess/SCADA: over 400+ driver support for major PLCs, PACs, I/O modules, CNCs, network switches and computer platforms
  • Plug-in editor supports Modbus and OPC UA tag editing from cloud-to-edge
  • Provide SDK to connect proprietary communication protocols

Edge Intelligence

  • Data Preprocessing

Data Flow: in addition to providing diversified node development and integration from the Node-RED Library website, Advantech develops iEdge nodes for rapid integration

Edge Data Calculation: through simple A + B = C operation, important data is stored in the cloud to avoid wasting network bandwidth and database capacity. This process takes advantage of powerful edge calculations to significantly reduce server workload.

  • Abnormality Notifications

Abnormality notification support list includes web event notification and queries, timely email notification, messenger notification (LINE / WeChat/What’s App) and customized event notification (users define corresponding error codes and event levels)

  • Reaction Rule Engine

If monitoring status over the threshold on the edge side, iEdge takes action to prevent equipment damage

Data Visualization

iEdge built-in Grafana Dashboard supports multiple types of data sources and integrates auto-generated dashboard functionality. iEdge server provides overall data monitoring and historical data tracking. The edge standalone dashboard provides real time data monitoring without connecting to server.

Database Integration and Transfer

  • Edge Computing Database: for resumed data uploading and data calculation usage
  • Cloud Database: supports database transfer by using iEdge Server API
  • Database Fetch: fetches MSSQL or exported file (txt/csv) to cloud