Admissions Optimizer

avaldaja Analytikus, LLC

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Increase the enrollment rate (10-15%) of your institution through our lead scoring solution

This application is available in English and Spanish.

Intelligent Recruitment predictive solution. 

Imagine being able to prioritize the prospects knowing the probability of inscription of every single prospect. This Machine Learning / Advanced Analytics solution generates an enrollment rate for each prospect, where your institution will focus efforts on students with greater probability and will avoid attrition by the pre-university attendance area in contacting prospects with zero probability. Each school period your institution will achieve a greater number of enrollees when implementing our Lead Scoring solution.

What is it?
Advanced analytical solution developed through mathematical models.

What does it do?
Predict the probability that a prospect has to move from one phase to another in the process of admission and registration.

Why is it valuable?
This solution has a direct impact on the increase of students enrolled because it optimizes the contact process along the enrollment funnel from the prioritization of prospects. Therefore, a higher income to enroll more students.

How does it work?

• Integrates information from recruitment campaigns
• Integrates the information of the CRM systems and marketing automation

• Cloud service
• Hosting, storage, maintenance, calibration and automatic shifting
• Integrates information on the academic, financial and demographic profile of each student

• Identifies prospects with the greatest potential to move from one phase to the next
• Calculate the probability that a prospect has to be admitted or to register
• Use prioritization thresholds per prospect for the different phases of the enrollment process

• Visualization of results in control boards
• Strategic control boards: Prioritized Prospects
• Operational control boards: Probability and factors individualized by prospects