Everlytic Suite

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Everlytic is a digital messaging platform for email, sms and transactional communication

Everlytic is the online platform for all your digital messaging. It enables you to grow, manage, and segment your database; compose engaging emails, SMSs, and voice broadcasts; send targeted campaigns to any number of recipients; and track everything as you go.
With our transactional messaging platform, you can also power the delivery of system-generated email and SMS from your organisation. Whether you’re sending an invoice or an order notification, you can track and ensure delivery of this time sensitive information in real time.

Simplify and Upscale Your Comms

Simplify your lead generation, client retention, upselling, and employee engagement activities by managing all your contact engagement in one place. And stay POPIA/GDPR compliant with automated data-management tools.

Strategically Engage Your Audience

Contact tagging allows you to segment your audience into lists and groups for intelligent targeting. Interest-based tagging takes this further and uses natural language processing to tag your contacts (for filtering) based on their engagement with your emails.

Ensure Message Delivery

Everlytic’s reputation team and sending infrastructure ensure that your messages reach the inbox, allowing for consistent touchpoints with your audience.

Create Customer Journeys at Scale

Sending and automating communication with your customers is simple and convenient, making lead-nurturing and onboarding a breeze. This enables you to create responsive journeys for customers based on their interests, demographics, and engagement.

Gain Powerful Insights

Get a holistic view of your customer based on their interactions with your communications across multiple channels. Track which messages were received, read, bounced, and clicked on. Geo-location and devices used can also be analysed.