COVID-19 Revenue Recovery Roadmap (R3)

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Covid-19 Revenue Recovery Roadmap (R3) App to succeed in the 'new-normal'

Bubo.AI solves your business problem by enabling management to develop a strong recovery action plan by leveraging new customer insights.  

Powered by  Microsoft AI, Revenue-Recovery-Roadmap (R3) is an easy-to-use app that provides a customer behaviour barometer to devise optimal intervention (i.e. customer sales visit) plan for the next action.  Based on your customer changing buying patterns or price sensitivity it allows management to act on the new recovery signals . R3 also offers an integrated feedback-loop that  maps out the business decisions and defines the likely trajectory of changes for a single customer and product. 

With the R3 application your business will get the following actionable outcomes: 

  • Behavioural Customer Segmentation leveraging Microsoft AI to provide customer profiles
  • Customer Growth Trajectory, mapping and forecasting customer improvements rates to spot early signs of recovery
  • Churn Analysis determines the when and the rate at which customers will  churn 
  • Customer Sensitivity tracker, understand how customer product mix, brand or price preference fluctuate over the time 
  • Realtime Feedback Loop, understanding which interventions i.e. sales visits, discounts etc. had the biggest impact on the business recovery

The R3 solution tracks over one billion possible customer product combination and uses customer insight analysis to focus your decision process. With a continuous learning loop and customer insight, R3 enables your business to minimise inefficiency by focusing on the decisions and interventions have the biggest financial impact and, achieve the greatest ROI.