Digital Patient Experience Manager

Change Healthcare

Replaces disjointed touch-points with a deliberately structured, holistic patient experience.

Digital Patient Experience Manager is the SaaS-based communications automation ecosystem built exclusively for the healthcare industry. The solution enables automated communications across all of your patients’ preferred communication channels, including email, SMS, voice, etc. Automate care reminders to help improve patient outcomes.

 Now you can deliver a consumer-style experience to consistently engage your patients for improved loyalty.

  • Automate care reminders for improved outcomes
  • Communicate with new consumers to build market share
  • Create demand for new and expanding services
  • Build relationship with consistent, data-driven communications

 Specifically meant for Healthcare providers – hospitals, health systems, large practices, non-hospital providers (imaging centers, laboratories, etc.) Typical buyer is the marketing, transformation, or digital leader.

 Exclusively for Healthcare.