Strategy-AI for Jira

Chinchilla Software

Improve your time to benefit & drive success momentum with decisive action.

Few questions in business are harder to answer than:

How do I ensure that my team is working on the most valuable thing today?


My team is busy, but is it on something that is a prerequisite of my project or the most critical items the project needs done?

The Strategy-AI Extension for Jira ensures you have everything you need to answer those questions with confidence, take decisive action to improve your time to benefit and drive your success momentum.

Improve your teams performance tracking and prioritizing your critical work in your Jira Project/boards.


  • Easily tag work items that are critical, strategic and match your business initiative, tagging across multiple initiatives.
  • Measure how strategic your backlog is, send work items with low business value and criticality to the bottom, avoid the costs of pre-development analysis and stop non-critical and non-strategic work from entering sprints with comprehensive strategic analysis and reports on your backlog.
  • Visualize and monitor the historical strategic value of your sprints and releases, easily building trends taking your sprints and releases off track, distracting your resourcing, teams efforts and costing you money.
  • Measure the strategic value of your epics and analyze the non-critical work items hiding in your epics. Spot hidden scope-creep buried deep within the structure of your epics to ensure non-critical and non-strategic work is easily spotted from a high-level.
  • Quickly find the criteria causing scope-creep before it reaches your product and development teams.
  • Quickly visualize how work items cross business initiatives so you can deprioritize work that isn't critical or strategic.
  • Control which plans are brought into Jira and which ones are not.
  • Control team member permissions.