LoRaWAN - Azure IoT Hub integration

avaldaja Digital Nordix AB

Use Microsoft Azure IoT Hub to send/receive messages from your LoRaWAN wireless devices.

Digital Nordix offers a B2B backend integration with customers Microsoft Azure IoT Hub that allows the customers to, not only send and receive messages, but also manage and provision their LoRaWAN wireless devices using Microsoft IoT Hub Portal/SDK or tools such Device Explorer.

Digital Nordix connects Microsoft Azure IoT with the customers installed LoRaWAN™ smart devices for the most cost effective Azure IoT-solution. Digital Nordix services include:

  • Collect sensor data from distributed wireless IoT (LoRa®) devices to Azure IoT Hub.
  • Provision and connect distributed wireless IoT (LoRa®) devices using Azure IoT Hub.
  • Send command data to distributed wireless IoT (LoRa®) devices from Azure IoT Hub.
  • Monitor 24/7 connected (LoRa®) wireless devices and network gateways (hardware)
  • Manage (LoRa®) devices and gateway (hardware) for robust data communication.
  • FUOTA and parameter settings of (LoRa®) devices and gateways (hardware)

Digital Nordix services together with 3rd party partners include:

  • Analyze and visualize stored data (3rd party partners)
  • Integrate with customer backend system (Partners)
  • BI analytics and process implementation (3rd party partners)

Additional services for customers that has not yet access to LoRaWAN™ network coverage

  • Support customer to select LoRa® devices and gateway (hardware)
  • Support customer implementing LoRa® gateways for best radio network coverage
  • Support customer to deploy LoRa® devices and gateway for robust radio network

Our customers can with ease and peace of mind harvest the benefits that the IoT revolution enables. Together with our partners, we have complete end-2-end IoT solutions in many different segments and applications