DXwand Digital Assistant Platform (DXP) for Education Institutes

avaldaja DXwand

Automate Arabic dialects conversations intuitively and discover insights

  • Automate text and voice conversations over WhatsApp, Facebook, Websites, Mobile Apps and Call Centers.
  • Supports multiple Arabic dialects and other languages.
  • Tap into real-time insights extracted from conversations into dashboards to connect you at scale with your customers' voice
  • Get automatically Generated responses from facts in your knowledge bases, whether they are PDFs, websites and more leveraging Generative AI and knowledge mining.
  • Build sophisticated designed flows with our Bot Flow and bot script.
  • Integrate with your backend systems with our plugins and extensions.
  • Unlimited number of messages and per user model caters for education needs. If purchased for all staff, the offer gives you all students and parents free benefit.