EY Generative AI Accelerator

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Helping accelerate your Microsoft Azure OpenAI adoption

Solution overview

•EY Generative AI Accelerator is an EY offering that helps prospective clients define their Azure OpenAI adoption strategy applying a broad approach by considering governance, strategy, business needs and technology.
•Running on Azure's global infrastructure, EY Generative AI Accelerator coordinates leading practices, knowledge capital and facilitates sharing across the globe.
•It also includes verticalized accelerators for identifying and prioritizing use cases aligned to the business strategy.
•EY Generative AI Accelerator is a fundamental tool for driving business efficiency and innovation. It changes the way you operate and provide value by leveraging:
•Robust EY global data and analytics capabilities
•Deployed generative AI offerings
•EY Azure OpenAI community knowledge
Business domain and industry experience

Solution benefits:

EY Generative AI Accelerator can help you:

•Align strategy and define governance around Microsoft Open AI.
•Establish the implementation roadmap and the risk management practice around Open AI.
•Facilitate integration by adapting to strategy, re-evaluating processes, integrating with existing systems and cybersecurity standards.
•Apply verticalized accelerators for identifying and prioritizing use cases aligned to business strategy.
•Leverage OpenAI ready solutions tested in the market.
•Choose the right IT platform to leverage industrialized Open AI with Microsoft Azure, experience and a variety of tech-profiles to help you ramp-up your platform.
•Build your own leading-class architecture to support different OpenAI use cases connected with client’s enterprise, making the most of technology and accumulated business knowledge.
•Add your Azure OpenAI models into your development and operations cycle to make it more reliable and monitor the same and enhance security for enterprise deployments.