HCLTech Conversational AI for Transportation

avaldaja HCL Technologies Limited.

Intelligence Redefined for Manufacturing Industry

Conversational AI for Transport is a suite of services that intelligently machine learns complex information residing in data silos and flows them to enterprise users as a conversational assistant addressing diverse queries, workflows and requests. LISA offers digitalization of enterprise information such as technical manuals, MRB, design artifacts, service/manufacturing data scattered around the organization via AI powered language understanding, and domain adaptation with personalization.

Features Include:

Document Processing:

    • Text and Image extraction
    • Building AI Enriched Knowledge Base
    • AI Search Solution
    • Utilities [QnA Engine, Search Engine, Language, Translation, Document Processing]
    • AI Skills – Forms, Custom Forms

Image Processing:

    • Image Difference & Comparison
    • TIFF file processing

End User Features

    • Cognitive search
    • Digital Voice Assistant
    • Multilingual Chat
    • Services
Key Azure Services
• Azure Data Lake, Azure Blob Storage
• Azure LUIS, Azure Cognitive Services
• Azure Functions, Azure App Services
• Azure Text Analytics
• Power BI and Power Automate
• Azure Key Vault, Azure AD, KMS
• Application Insights


    • 50% Reduced cycle time maximizing business efficiency
    • 25% Productivity increase with minimal manual steps
    • Elevation of enterprise information access channels
    • Using and comprehension of service manuals and other
    • information repositories.