DnA Accelerator for Manufacturing

avaldaja HSO

Empower your business with actionable insights for streamlined operations and growth.

Are you leveraging your data for informed decision making? Discover unparalleled insights with our innovative analytics solution, designed to streamline an analytical view of inventory, days sales of inventory, stockout rate, gross margin return on inventory investment (GMROII), and more.

Data and AI are driving the future of the manufacturing industry, enhancing quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. With HSO's DnA Accelerator for Manufacturing, you can transform your business into a modern, secure, data-driven powerhouse.

Our DnA Accelerator helps overcome data challenges by providing a unified platform for seamless data integration and comprehensive analytics capabilities - empowering you to unlock valuable insights and drive data-informed decisions.

At the core of this accelerator lie best practices and native cloud services, ensuring exceptional scalability and unparalleled performance. Leveraging the latest Azure Data & AI tools, including Microsoft Fabric and Copilot for Power BI, you can watch your data transform into intelligence with ease.

Teams will benefit from better insight into:
• Inventory forecasting & turnover
• Stockout rate
• Days sales of inventory
• Gross margin ROI
• Order accuracy
• Order lead time
• Shipping accuracy
• Production forecasting
• On-time production
• Production order fulfillment
• Operational Efficiency
• And more

HSO + Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing
Quality data is the foundation for informed decision-making, operational excellence, and maintaining trust in the manufacturing industry. A modern data foundation is imperative in a digital transformation journey and for successful AI adoption. With HSO's extensive industry and Microsoft Azure capabilities, you can extend the power of Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing with our DnA Accelerator to enhance quality and improve operational efficiency.