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Crystal is the AI-powered Decision Intelligence tool to analyze your Data in natural language

By leveraging a collection of Machine Learning, asynchronous Data Science, and advanced Conversational AI, Crystal provides a consumerized data analytics platform that is human-centric and enterprise-ready in terms of security, privacy, and compliance.

Designed for people, not just data

Crystal is available on any device, at any time, anywhere. It allows business users to analyze data by simply asking questions via text or voice and always get accurate answers in real-time in natural language like they were speaking with a colleague. By delivering an experience tailored for business professionals who need to access and use data with ease, Crystal complements traditional Business Intelligence tools, typically designed for teams with more technical data skills.

Only safe data and reliable insights

Specializing in numbers and analytics, Crystal's proprietary AI architecture - called GPT for Numbers - is trained and fine-tuned for each company, providing accurate, certified, and reliable insights based on private business data only. The model understands and recognizes the unique taxonomy and lexicon of the business.

Thanks to Crystal, everyone in the organization can harness the power of Artificial Intelligence to access data, analyze insights, and make data-driven decisions with confidence. We store data in a dedicated single tenant isolated from other tenants; there's no need to copy or duplicate data.

How Crystal works

With 20 native connectors, Crystal allows you to connect multiple data sources (APIs, BI tools, and Databases) and always have a single point of access to analyze data more efficiently, reducing the risks of errors and waiting times. Accessible via web and mobile app and integrable with Microsoft Teams, Crystal provides accurate answers based on your private business data. It also facilitates deeper insight exploration through suggestions, analytics insights, alerts, forecasts, and data sharing while enhancing the frequency of data utilization and the quality of decision-making.


Crystal brings benefits across various industries, impacting both operational and managerial levels. It improves customer satisfaction levels, and fosters cross-team collaboration, enabling real-time decision-making based on informed insights, and boosts overall efficiency and productivity within the company.