Managed Oxygen

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Oxygen by InSpark: scalable and robust Azure-based Data & AI platform, up and running in a day

Oxygen is a brand-new, fully scalable, cloud native Data & AI Platform as a Service based on Microsoft Azure. It supports any modern data scenario, works with a variety of structured and unstructured data, and is up and running in one day. Entirely based on proven technologies and Microsoft best practices, Oxygen uses all Microsoft Azure capabilities to make sure that you are getting the most value out of your cloud investment.

The architecture

With Oxygen, you can start small and easily scale up when needed. The enterprise-ready platform has a modular design based on cutting edge Azure PaaS components. It enables organizations in any data maturity stage to build their own data solutions with or without our assistance. Oxygen can start with business intelligence data scenarios, leading the way to prescriptive AI-driven data scenarios, and everything in between. The modules InSpark has designed for these scenarios are Insights (a modern DWH approach for BI and self-service analytics), Predictions (machine learning), Connected (IoT applications for streaming data and digital twins) and Cognitive (AI to analyze text and images).

Managed Oxygen

As your Oxygen platform grows, so will your needs. That's why we offer Managed Oxygen with 24/7 support and a custom-built customer portal that enables you to roll out new modules yourself. It provides fine-grained cost management and optimization, a detailed health and usage dashboard, and insights in the use of your Power BI reports. Entirely based on proven technology and completely integrated within the Azure ecosystem, Oxygen provides a wide variety of preconfigured build and release templates in Azure DevOps for services like Power BI Premium, Synapse, Purview, Data Factory, SQL Database, Stream Analytics, Databricks and many more. As the platform is Azure Lighthouse enabled, you are automatically provided with our standard data management services. 

Nitrogen Accelerator

Oxygen can be extended with Nitrogen. This accelerator offers a metadata driven framework to ingest and automate data loads. With the support of Data Factory and Synapse data Pipelines, a wide array of data types, structured and unstructured, streaming or in batches, are easily ingested and stored. You can easily configure data loads, and our Continuous Right Sizing solution scales Azure services dynamically. Building new data warehouses or migrating existing on-premises data warehouses to Azure with the help of Azure Synapse Pathway have never been so easy.