Nitrogen Control Center

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Unlocks and transforms multiple data sources into one powerful and valuable data model.

InSpark's Nitrogen Control Center gives you tremendous acceleration in unlocking and transforming multiple data sources into one powerful and valuable data model. By integrating different data sources, patterns, trends and correlations can be identified that might otherwise remain hidden.

To simplify the technical data processes within a data platform, we have developed a new SaaS based solution on top of Microsoft Fabric. Our nitrogen framework, which has been providing best practices and market-leading performance for several years, is the basis of our new Control Center. With the Nitrogen Control Center, we move away from technology and put more emphasis on the business value

Using a user-friendly portal to easily access and process data.

 In today's competitive world, data is crucial for successful organizations. Awareness is growing about the value of data in strategic decision-making and business process optimization. Data becomes especially valuable as soon as it can be combined from different data sources. Bringing together and processing data also raises challenging issues.

 It often requires considerable time and expertise to access these valuable data sources, process data and perform calculations before your data platform can truly add significant value to your organization.

 InSpark's Nitrogen Control Center helps you overcome these challenges. Our Nitrogen Control Center helps you through a user-friendly portal, unlocking new data sources and tables, within in minutes without a lot of technical knowledge. The processing of raw data to a reliable data model in different stages is also fully automated for you by the Nitrogen Control Center. The Nitrogen Control Center handles data integration for you, leaving you more time for data modeling and visualization, where you really create value for your organization.

What is the Nitrogen Control Center?

The Nitrogen Control Center provides an intuitive portal that allows data engineers, without code knowledge, to effortlessly modify and extend their data models by adding new sources and tables. With standardized data pipelines and orchestration, Nitrogen Control Center speeds up the integration process by as much as 80%, using the proven Medallion architecture. The Nitrogen Control Center not only provides greater control over the data platform, but also enables effortless transition of the data processing process from Development to Test and then to Production. In addition, the user-friendly portal provides transparency into the state of various data streams.

Key benefits of the Nitrogen Control Center

Reliable data platform

Saves up to 80% development time by establishing a solid foundation for managing, analyzing and leveraging your data most efficiently and accelerated time-to-value for the organization with your data platform.

Carefree data processing

The Nitrogen Control Center is a SaaS solution that InSpark offers to completely relieve you of any concerns of setting up a modern data platform, based on fixed data streams and the standard Medallion architecture.

Business value

By consolidating all data on one platform, your organization can create a uniform and consistent data set, resulting in reliable management information according to established standards. In addition, the Nitrogen Control Center enables you to quickly respond to changing information needs within the organization.

State of the art technology

Integration with the latest Microsoft technology in the field of data processing with Microsoft Fabric. Suitable for OpenAI issues with structured and unstructured data. Secure by design and Power BI Copilot compatible.

Integration with Microsoft Fabric and data processing using Medallion architecture

The Nitrogen Control Center is seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Fabric, Microsoft's latest innovation in data processing. Through this integration, all elements within Microsoft Fabric are fully automatically set up and the Nitrogen Control Center also ensures that all data streams are effortlessly processed according to the various stages in the Medallion architecture. This is a proven data architecture in which data streams go through various stages from the raw data sources to a structured dataset. The Nitrogen Control Center automates this process effortlessly through a user-friendly portal, where data streams from both existing and new sources are guided through the various stages fully automatically.