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Delivery Logistics Platform for Corporates and Enterprises

The Last Mile Digital Platform empowers Brands, Manufacturers and Brick-and-Mortar Retailers to compete and recuperate most of the sales lost to pure online players the past few years.

Integrates and orchestrates all technologies they need to manage their mission-critical delivery operations and achieve logistical excellence across the entire delivery ecosystem.

Solve the Last Mile

Connect the online and offline shopping channels, engaging customers and consumers in a consistent purchase to delivery experience as they embrace more fluid ways of shopping.

Whether you use it in full or supercharging your enterprise software using our API for a custom integration, the Last Mile Digital Platform integrates all the technologies and resources your business needs and can utilize to orchestrate and optimize Sales, Logistics and Delivery operations.

Smart Cities Best Ally

Partner with Public Administrations, industry and interest groups to easily build different Digital Twins with everyone's input and objectively determine the best fit. Implement and operate it, continuously measuring, controlling and sharing the entire delivery process in real-time.

Built on world-leading applied research, the Last Mile Digital Platform uses machine-learning technologies and in-house developed AI algorithms to fully optimize logistics for specific City or Districts circumstances regardless of the number of different parties involved and who they are.

Built to Scale and Travel

Last Mile Digital Platform is designed to satisfy any operational need you may have. Can be configured to match your Global operational footprint and be used simultaneously by different teams in different parts of the world, to ensure your efficient operations at a low cost.

Is hyper-scalable and operable around the world out-of-the-box. Flexible, redundant, stable and reliable, as well as state-of-the-art on security and privacy.